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How do we put a price on your place?

We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of the Brisbane property market and when we do a free appraisal, we do more than just give you a number off the top of our head, we personally evaluate your property based on the following attributes:


Location, location, location! The street that you’re on, be it a quiet backstreet or a bustling main road, location is integral to our appraisal.


Some features such as pools, garages and tennis courts can add value to your property. Although, with some buyers, these features might detract. We know how to balance our assessment accordingly.


We are local, real estate professionals so we know the market. The value of your home can vary based on market conditions.


We understand how important your neighbourhood is to your property value. Factors such as easy access to public transport, good roads, schools, shops and dining help make a great neighbourhood and can impact on the sale price.


All houses, old and new, have their charms. We consider how the age of your home may have an impact on its sale price.


The condition of your home is really important. Factors such as renovations, roofing, structural integrity and paint work can add or detract from the value of your home.

Please take the time to fill in the form provided and we will help you by emailing you a complimentary property report. This will give you an idea of what properties like yours are selling for within your area. In this email, we will ask if you would like a more detailed opinion and if so, we can then arrange a time to visit you.

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top 10 ways to boost the value of your place

Every home is different and there are no blanket set of rules that will improve the value of every property.

This is why Peter and Brad offer a personalised service where we will come and meet with you, look through your home and then prepare a tailor made list of 10 things that will improve the value of your home.

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